EMPOWERING | 25.05.2016 by Sergio

We enjoyed an EMPOWERING and lifting night once more at Hotel Horizonte.

We had vibrant speeches with lots of humor and inspiration about lies, self-talking and football fans.

Surprising and amazing Table Topics competition delivered by Diane, with final surprise… Birthday’s cakes with candles included for herself and Joan (Happy Birthday to both!!!).

All the participants empowered the attendees and guests in their roles and their feedbacks.

Next sesión, 1st of June, Spanish. The 8th, in English, where we will also have Club Committee elections. Will you be one of the new members? Leadership shows in these moments.

Do not wait, take new roles, get out of your comfort zone, and improve your leadership and communication skills, all in one place, Toastmasters meetings.

My best.


27.04.2016 by German de Federico

Dear  fellow Toastmaster,

Yesterday evening we had an alluring evening,
We got to know much better the work that the VP Education has to do weekly to keep all our speeches controlled and to prepare each Agenda.
Table topics were good to thonk and talk on the spot and Angeline with the showtime delighted and inform us about the Queen Party in Holland.
We got three grear speakers, Mar with her Nr 2 Speech where we learnt about keeping a healthy live and Victor also his Nr 2 Speech, showing us how to use body lenaguage on the stage. As third Speaker we had Diane, who impressed all of us with her 1.800 sec suffering.
Lastly, Sheila gave us some improvements tips as general Evaluator.
Also, we took the time to congradulate our member Pedro del Amo, for his achivement in
Alicante Contest, where he got the SECOND PLACE in Evaluation Contest in Spanish.
Looking forward to see you next week.
German de Federico

Why join Toastmasters? | Diane Oatley

Never did I imagine that when I retired I would be so lucky as to find such an astonishing hobby that I would enjoy as much as I enjoy Toastmasters. This amazing programme stimulates my little grey cells, it motivates me, it inspires me, it challenges me and it keeps me young. I love meeting with members who are from all walks of life, different nationalities and cultures, people of all ages, people who simply want to be the best they can be.

I joined Toastmasters in 2007 then had to take a break in 2009 until 2011 due to health issues. I credit the club with helping my recovery. Being surrounded by people with positive attitudes and full of energy was a huge motivation for me to get well and be up the front participating again.

Toastmasters has so much to offer, apart from the huge learning curve we experience by attending the weekly meetings there is also a fantastic social side to the club. Many of us travel to different parts of Europe taking part in the twice yearly speech competitions, workshops and educationals. Some members travel even further, all over the world in fact, to wherever the conferences are being held.

For the price of a cup of coffee a week you can be part of all this! The skills we learn in Toastmasters affect us in every aspect of our daily life. You will become a better communicator, a better leader, a better listener, a better team player and your confidence will soar when you open yourself up to evaluation in the fun and friendly environment called Toastmasters.

Diane Oatley

RECAP 13.04.2016 by Sally Leslie‏

Dear Toastmasters

We had an Astounding night at Toastmasters, with a funky new seating arrangement, which created a fantastic atmosphere.

With challenging but exciting Table Topics, to fascinating speech topics, such as Gluey Gluten, Climate Change and 7 Steps – How to Prepare and Present a Speech, we were treated to a public speaking delight.

Don’t miss out on the next Toastmaster’s meeting!

Sally Leslie

ELATED | 23.04.2016 By Sally Leslie

Dear fellow TM,

Well…what an exciting evening we had last night! We could all feel the excitement of Easter coming, especially with the great opening address from our President and we were all Elated by the word of the day by Lucia.

Continuing the Easter Themed Table Topics, Olga gave the participants a nice bit of chocolate. Yes, that’s right, you missed out on chocolate, for those who could not make with us last nightJ.

This was followed closely by German with his Showtime section, explaining to us about The Memory Palace, really smart trick to use if you have problems with your memory !

We were treated to not 1, but 2 Icebreaker speeches by Miguel Angel San Joaquin  and Víctor Piña, showing us that these two guys are going to bring lots of energy and humour to the club. Congratulations on the start of your Toastmasters journey.

And then for a further speech treat, Barbara Servera Sanso and her speech which explained that Tiny Houses are indeed the future!

The evaluations of the speeches were inspiring, using the classic Toastmasters sandwich approach, Joan, Sheila and Sergio, praised the speeches and offered some wonderful insights on how we can improve. We had excellent reports from both Tamara and Carlos, helping us with our Ah-Ums and checking our timekeeping, to always improve as a club and individually. Diane’s evaluation of the meeting overall was very comprehensive and nicely summed up the wonderful evening that we had last night!

Let’s all have a fantastic Easter, full of peace, love, happiness and Toastmasters cheers!

Sally Leslie


DRACONIAN 24.02.2016

Fellow Toastmasters,

Sally was our Master Word yesterday and shared with us another meening of  “severe, strict” …. DRACONIAN. !!!

Carlos shared with us his fondness for american football as Table Topics Master. He shared his T-Shirt, helmet and ball with Victor (new member!), Liviana and Ulrike. Sheila save the gap of not having showtime in the agenda sharing with us a joke !

3 senior speeches !! Joan Carbonell from his Goodwill Book, Angeline van der Heijden from her StoryTelling Book and Diane Oatley from her Entertainer Speaker Book.

Evaluators gave DRACONIAN feedbak … just kidding!!  We all learnt with speeches about the power to succedd with public speaking (Joan), special events in life that help us remember special occasions (Angeline, we will always remember your birthday, nov 22nd) and the magic of sharing Laughs with Diane (fun & inspiring !!)

We learned, we laughed, and enjoyed a night out with friends full of fun and entertainment.

Notes:  Support the club winner Pedro del Amo who will be participating at the Area Conference in Valencia 5th March.

Division – Alicante    23rd April.  District in Luxembourg

We just began Youth Leadership Program – 19 enthusiastic participants have began a longlife learning experience !!!

Always appreciate the hospitality the Hotel Horizonte affords us each week with the use of a conference room.  Buy a drink!

Next meeting 2nd March Theme Night ‘Dia de Baleares’. Please take your roles !!!

Olga Milián
Please click here for details of our next club meeting

Olga Milian

SMITTEN | 10.02.2016

Fellow Toastmasters,

Chocolates on the table, messages of love dancing on the wall, we were smitten with the speeches and blown away with the professionalism of the evaluators.  Love was in the Table Topics and Showtime taught us June, July and August are hopeless months for love – it’s just too damn hot!!  We had a ‘heart to heart’ of impromtu 1min speeches, making sure we carried out the wishes of Dr Ralph Smedley who said ‘every member should speak at a meeting’.  24 times we were smitten with the evening – that’s a record Word of the Day!

We learned, we laughed, we loved and enjoyed a night out with friends full of fun and entertainment.  Love was in the air, it was all around us, everywhere….and we found it.

HAPPY VALENTINE’s DAY – to #Toastmasters everywhere.

Notes:  Support the club winners at the Area Conference in Valencia 5th March.  Division – Alicante 23rd April.  District in Luxembourg

2nd March Theme Night ‘Dia de Baleares’  listen for more information next meeting

If you arrive late – please wait….until you hear the applause…please don’t interrupt the speaker

Always appreciate the hospitality the Hotel Horizonte affords us each week with the use of a conference room.  Buy a drink!

Diane Oatley