Working on a Feedback Formula

Toastmasters facilitates opportunities to practice both public speaking and leadership skills. When we deliver a speech we are willing to know the impact of it in the audience. Feedback helps us to know about the impact of our message, our strengths and areas of improvement.

I was scared of both receiving feedbadk and delivering feedback at the beginning. Toastmasters experience has given me self-confidence and I enjoy very much my feedback preparation for others.  I have learnt HOW TO LISTEN AND OBSERVE.

This is my Feedback recipe by ingredients: I very much rely on the structure of feedback preparation I learnt from our fellow Toastmaster, Sebastian Lora, which basically drives us to focus on three different areas of speech:  Global Impression, Content of message and Staging.

This is my formula: when the speaker is in stage I concentrate in observing and listening with full empathy. I take quick notes that will help me build a much more structured message on those 3 areas.


1.- Global Impression = IMPACT. What impact did the message have on me?. What am I taking with me after the speech? I am talking about emotional impact (did it call my interest, did it touch me, did I learn

2.- Content of Message = STRUCTURE, how did the speaker start, how did he/she develop message, had if a good conclusion, final message, was the message clear, was it simple.?

3.- Staging = ALL ABOUT THE SPEAKER’s skills and attitude based on verbal communication (words) and non verbal communication (tones, rhythm, gestures, movement, smile, eye contact, bad habits)


My main focus when I have to deliver feedback after a speech is to find a balance between observation and listening.

And let’s remember, FEEDBACK IS A GIFT, we are here to learn, a gift has to be wrapped with nice package, that is why structure of feedback matters.

I look forward to listening from your “Feedback Recipe Formulas” as well !!


Olga Millan ingles

2 thoughts on “Working on a Feedback Formula

  1. Amongst all the formulae that exist, there is two basic qualities which stand out: listening and empathy. With those two fundamental ingredients, any criticism, feedback, evaluation or sentence will seem more humane.
    Without them, the most observant suggestions will seem lifeless and soulless as zombies.
    Cheers all and Peace.

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