DRACONIAN 24.02.2016

Fellow Toastmasters,

Sally was our Master Word yesterday and shared with us another meening of  “severe, strict” …. DRACONIAN. !!!

Carlos shared with us his fondness for american football as Table Topics Master. He shared his T-Shirt, helmet and ball with Victor (new member!), Liviana and Ulrike. Sheila save the gap of not having showtime in the agenda sharing with us a joke !

3 senior speeches !! Joan Carbonell from his Goodwill Book, Angeline van der Heijden from her StoryTelling Book and Diane Oatley from her Entertainer Speaker Book.

Evaluators gave DRACONIAN feedbak … just kidding!!  We all learnt with speeches about the power to succedd with public speaking (Joan), special events in life that help us remember special occasions (Angeline, we will always remember your birthday, nov 22nd) and the magic of sharing Laughs with Diane (fun & inspiring !!)

We learned, we laughed, and enjoyed a night out with friends full of fun and entertainment.

Notes:  Support the club winner Pedro del Amo who will be participating at the Area Conference in Valencia 5th March.

Division – Alicante    23rd April.  District in Luxembourg

We just began Youth Leadership Program – 19 enthusiastic participants have began a longlife learning experience !!!

Always appreciate the hospitality the Hotel Horizonte affords us each week with the use of a conference room.  Buy a drink!

Next meeting 2nd March Theme Night ‘Dia de Baleares’. Please take your roles !!!

Olga Milián
Please click here for details of our next club meeting

Olga Milian

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