PechaKucha – 20 Slides in 20 seconds

Born in Japan 10 years ago, PechaKucha Nights are infor-mal, fun meetings at which creative people share their work, ideas, and thoughts by presenting them in front of an audience which seeks, above all, to have a good time. The interesting thing about these sessions is their format: 20 slides, 20 seconds each. In other words, speakers have 6 minutes 40 seconds (no more, no less) to share their ideas, with the help of 20 slides.

  • Concretion: A new slide eve-ry 20 seconds adds liveliness, and keeps speakers from rambling on about a single concept. Such a tight limit requires using no more than the indispensable amount of time each idea needs, getting straight to the point.
  • Spontaneity: The laid-back atmosphere fosters spontane-ity and freshness and invites speakers to be less formal than in other contexts, prompting them to relax, make jokes and have fun.
  • Visual aid: Each slide must support what the presenter says. Since there is so little time for each one, the more visual they are, the better.

Potentials things which can be improved in PechaKucha sessions.

  • Time control: If preparation has not been thorough, it can be easy to go overtime and carry on speaking about the same subject after the slide has changed. Conversely, if there isn‟t much to say about an image, there can be an awkward silence waiting for the next one.
  • Coordination: If two people present together but have not practiced enough, they risk stepping on each others‟ toes, showing lack of coordination and generating confusion.
  • Protagonism: Some images impress, and if the speaker does not convey authority with his body and his voice, the image can win the lead-ing role and displace him.

Why attend a PechaKucha session?

It‟s a fresh and interesting concept that al-lows various people to sell their ideas and have their moment of glory before a diverse audience. It offers audiences the opportunity for a good time, for getting to know open-minded people in an unusual environment, and for discovering ideas and projects that otherwise would have remained undiscovered. It‟s a great platform.

Just one thing: If you cannot say what you do in one par-agraph, you‟re not clear about your subject. However, if you cannot say it in 6:40, it may be time to consider an-other line of work!


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